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The DramaProjectMethod is a more creative and imaginative method of ProjectDesign. Drama Project is to develop our imagination and construct new social and cultural realities by narrative methods.

A project will be developed and realized like a story, like a drama, with storylines, actors, in different scenes and on different locations

DramaProject has its own dramaturgy

Imagination, Emphasis and out of the box-thinking enables real change projects

It’s about leadership and the charisma of the storytellers and rainmakers

Free yourself, revolt, get involved and networked now

In a stunning "big social game" (Michelangelo Pistoletto,Turin 2002), we are now experiencing an exponential acceleration of crisis and the bursting of different bubbling bubbles formed in our High Risk Society.

The society is close to the collective Burn Out and not capable to meet the essential challenges.

The arts show us alternatives with its roots in autonomy, freedom and creativity and how we can find alternative concepts and images of life in our world.

Dreams are the source of Utopias

Utopias lead to ideas

Cultural sites are the places to realize ideas

Realization of ideas is also a piece of selfrealization

Be courageous, look at your creative power and not on discouraging lack of resources that hinders you at the beginning

Take your project into your own hands

Be unique

Many people want to realize utopias and ideas, they'll join you.

It's about change and change projects

To develop a good project is to build a good story and to meet the callenges in cultural, social and political action

Cultural management and project management do not develop assertive ideas but are tools of the strong believe in postliberal economic philosophy. DramaProject and storytelling is something different

A change project is the result of assertive ideas and appreciative communication

Ideas are the notion of goals, which provide a performance

Vivid communication helps to enforce the ideas

A good story finally will find financial support, a bad story is garbage

Financing is ever the result of inspiring ideas and stories and not a profeessional budget

Helpers come by themselves to work on a good story and productive challenge

Real „life characters“ of your story, proponents, opponents, counselors and tutors and more replace unidimensional analysis of stakeholders

Create scenarios that are built on your ideas and found keyforces

Scenarios provide many alternative stories, search your favorite stor

Write a treatment and begin to develop a script

Your story becomes a reality

A project is a drama, a collection of storylines

Dramatic narrative is according to Aristotle, a mimesis, ie a

representational imitation of "true" reality of life in the form of actions. The world is translated into narratives.

Conflicts are† handled by means of images. Out from this the fundamental truth about life will be extracted in a project (Aristotle: Poetics

The Story, the project needs a dramaturgy.

A project is the "social construction of reality "(original title:" The social construction of reality "of Peter L. Berger und Thomas Luckmann).

One of the famous storytellers, Joseph Beuys connects art, with an expanded notion of "social sculpture".

Become the star of your project

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